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Annual Tax Filing

Assisted by professional accountants with a perspective view of tax related issues.(ie. Tax Return, Employer Return BIR56A & 56B)

Tax Investigation

To handle the query and investigation raised by tax department. This can be resulted in sample check, but most often with certain suspicious in tax department’s record. Proper and careful handling is important to avoid and minimize the potential loss and penalty.

Tax Exemption Claim

A characteristic of Hong Kong tax system. Hong Kong adopts territorial concept of taxation. Generally speaking, a Hong Kong company may not be required to pay tax for its income generated outside of Hong Kong with certain proof.

Salaries Tax

  • All income from any office, employment or pension in Hong Kong

Property Tax

  • Rental income arising from properties situated in Hong Kong

Sole Proprietorship / Partnership

  • Profits arising from trade, professions or business in Hong Kong

We aimed to help our client to avoid paying unnecessary tax

To identify tax-saving opportunities and potential tax liabilities in our clients’ business.

To ensure our clients to meet all relevant tax deadlines and correctly submit their tax return. (Tax compliance part)

To assist our client to handle tax letter from tax department.

Our Service include:

  • Tax advisory for client tax status
  • Tax advisory for tax exemption
  • Tax advisory for tax saving to avoid paying unnecessary tax payment
  • Declaration of tax extension and tax objection
  • Prepare reply letter to IRD tax query

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